Japanese Garden Design

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The Practical Use of Stones and Boulders Japanese garden design consists of many different elements and plant life. No matter what design or elements you chose for your Japanese garden you will always use one of three basic elements. These elements are Water features, rocks, and plants. It is best to thoroughly consider and discuss one of the Japanese garden elements at a time. In this article we will look at the different uses and qualities of the rocks features.

The first use for a rock feature camouflage. A Japanese garden should have a relaxing or Zen quality to it. This feeling is created by the calming a beautiful features of the garden. If unsightly things such as the water hose and spout, a busy highway or neighbors ugly yard can be seen the Zen effect can be lost. A large boulder can hide these things from view while in the garden. This makes it feel quiet and Zen like.

Japanese Garden Design

Japanese Garden Design

Some gardens have very bad soil in spots. Bad soil can kill any plant life cause your garden to look sparse and uninviting. Placing different sized, colored, and shaped stones in these areas you can create a balanced and beautiful Japanese garden.

Rocks can also bring out other features in the garden such as a water fountain or small pond. Natural ponds have rocks in and around them, so by adding rocks to a pond we can bring its natural beauty to light. We can even create a sitting area from which visitors can breathe gentle sighs of relief as their stress is relaxed away.

Rocks can also lead the way for you and your guests. Take your time and design your rock pathway in any pattern you like. Your visitors will slow down while walking your creations and consider what different shapes and patterns may mean. This can create another level of enjoyment as well steer them onward through your garden.

If you have areas of your garden that are not finished or where you just don’t want traffic, rocks can provide a barrier to keep guests out. Create large but interesting rock formations that keep people guessing. In creating these dynamic displays guests will avoid off limits areas with out even noticing they were kept out. This is excellent for the very observant and hard to please visitor who may other wise be upset by the idea of being kept out.

Design your own unique back drop. Your visitors will enjoy their journey through your garden and want many pictures. Help capture that perfect shot by creating depth and interest behind your plants. Be sure to give your flowers enough space to bloom and grow without being hindered by the rocks.

Make hills and slopes safer and easier to walk up and down. Use some rocks to make a small staircase or to outline the flower beds. You may even want to use them as retaining walls to keep the soil and roots where they belong.

Give an existing stream new life. Line rocks decisively along the bottom of the stream. Create ebbs and flows and visibly define its borders. When you are done you will find your stream stands out as though it was larger and the erosion will be kept to a minimum.

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