Makita UC3530A Electric Chainsaw Review

June 13, 2012 by  
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The Makita UC3530A 14 inch 15 amp electric chainsaw is the perfect solution for anyone that wants an electric saw with the power of a professional gas powered chainsaw. The commercial grade design is perfect for all the jobs around the house that you need to take care of in a hurry and without any hassles like mixing your gas and oil beforehand. You can take this saw to the next level with easy and comfort and have power to spare.

With the built in current limiter you won’t have to worry about burning out the motor as it reduces the power to the saw when it is under a load. This means you get more worry free operation than you would normal electric chainsaws. You also get an ergonomically designed rubberized handle to make cutting as comfortable as possible.

Reviews of this chain saw are all of the highest rating. Everyone that has bought this saw says that it is one of the best purchases they have ever made. If you are looking for a great saw to take care of household chores, then this is the saw you want to buy and you will be very pleased with it.

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