Use a Snow Thrower to Clear your Sidewalk

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In areas with significant amount of snow, people in general have a shovel and spend quite a lot of time clearing off the snow from their sidewalks. That should not be a problem for those in excellent physical shape, unless you have a larger driveway and several sidewalks. Sooner or later, you will definitely not going to enjoy this activity anymore and you’ll get a snow thrower.

The machine will ease your life as it will clear off the snow without much effort from your part. You just need to operate the snow thrower.

Use a Snow Thrower to Clear your Sidewalk

Use a Snow Thrower to Clear your Sidewalk

Snow throwers can be classified in two categories: one stage and two stage snow thrower. The first one is the most common choice for most people, while people with home renting services and with responsibilities to the tenants, will probably prefer a two stage snow blower.

The one stage snow thrower uses one rapid impeller, which gathers the snow, which is then discharged through a chute into a chosen area. As these machines are rather light, they are not suitable for major snowfalls.

On the other hand, with the use of a two stage machine, the snow is removed in two stages. The machine is equipped with an auger that first fragments the snow, which ends up in the impeller and it is discharged through a chute. Such a snow thrower is best suited for areas with heavy and frequent snowfalls.

Use it wisely, and a snow thrower will turn out to be a true life saver. You can choose from various different reliable manufacturers, such as Toro, John Deere, Honda and Sears-Craftsman. It is preferable to purchase a snow thrower, when they are on sale, at the end of the season.

When considering buying a snow thrower, there are a few things to keep in mind, which refers to the machine’s throwing distance, clearing width and also the amount of snow that is able to handle at a time.

Be careful

When handling a snow thrower, it is very important to protect yourself with eye goggles and ear protection.
Keep in mind that snow blowers are bladed tools, and as such are potentially dangerous if they are not used as they should be. In case the machine jams, just turn off the engine and unlock the clutch.

However, do not attempt to clear the jam with your hand. It is safer to use a broom handle or some stronger stick. The failure to follow these procedures can cost you a finger or two.

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