The Demand for Great Landscapes in Leicester

Over the last few years, the area of Leicestershire has shown a great rise in the need for quality landscaping and those investing in their properties. With the increasing costs involved with moving combined with the hassle and need for preparation, many have decided to instead invest in their own property.

The Demand for Great Landscapes in Leicester

The Demand for Great Landscapes in Leicester

Since Leicester has had a lot of coverage recently and is growing slowly in population, houses will becoming in demand in the next few years. With the increasing number of new builds, interior improvements are limited to what will increase the value of your home. So what better way to invest in your home than your outdoor area via professional landscaping.

Since Leicester is a large city, there are limited views of green grass and natural outdoor features. Having this in your back garden will make a huge difference to your mood and make your home appear more appealing for years to come.

Getting a landscape gardener involved

When it comes to professional landscaping in Leicester we recommend Groby Landscapes as our first choice, they can do anything from paving through to garden design and really prestigious commercial projects. Since they are local you can have a thorough meeting with them before committing to any project.

First thing to do is to measure your garden and make sure you have sufficient room to play with, the cost will vary greatly with both with the space you want to reinvent and the type of features you want to implement. Generally simple grass areas will not cost to much, whereas including a water feature, patio or arch might add to the costs considerably.

It’s also worth looking at where the sun will hit at certain times of the day, baring in mind that you may want a shaded area such as a patio for sitting with friends. You should also get used to the main factors of landscape design which includes colour, form, line, scale and texture. Much like redecorating your bedroom or living room, you will want consistency in some of these things.

Looking at your ground, start to think of how plants might be arranged best. Make a list of your favourite flowers and if you know someone who is handy with CAD, get them to draw up a plan. Many garden designers use CAD programmes to create artwork so you can see how well your Leicester garden might look like after a professional landscaper has worked his magic.

Electric Patio Heaters 101

Patio heaters are great, but for a family concerned about safety, it may be a little intimidating. Many parents aren’t so thrilled about having gas around their kids. For those parents, and others who would like alternate options to the traditional gas powered heaters, electric patio heaters may be what’s best for you.

Electric heaters are a great choice, because there is no need to fill up an expensive gas container. Neither does it contribute to Global Warming by polluting the Earth. Some people are cautious when it comes to electric heaters, they have this stigma that electric heaters aren’t as effective or efficient as a gas powered one.

Electric Patio Heaters 101

Electric Patio Heaters 101

When compared though, both heaters do a great job at warming up your space, they also have a 15 feet radius in which it works to keep warm. When looking for a electric heater it is best to conduct research and look at many patio heater reviews.

There are a plethora of various styles for an electric patio heaters. One of the most requested would be ones that can be mounted onto the walls. There are some types that can be used on table tops or stood up in a corner. Since it is electric, you can also move it anywhere you want, anytime you want.

If you have kids or pets and are worried about fires, electric patio heaters may be what you are looking for, considering it is noncombustible. Because it is not constantly releasing gas fumes into the atmosphere, it can easily be used in enclosed areas. An electric patio heater is also proven to use less energy than any other type of patio heater.

Searching for quality patio heater reviews will be very beneficial to you. They will show the pros and cons of each type and brand of heaters. Hearing other peoples opinion on a prospective heater will give you a better sense of the product you are looking for. There are many guides on the internet that will further your knowledge on patio heaters, plus provide great tips on ways to save. Most also provide safety ratings and additional safety measures.

Stone Designs for your Landscaping

Owning a home makes you want the outside to look just as good as the inside. That is why you may notice that many people spend their weekends planting tons of plants attempting to create a yard that expresses who they are. However, the only problem is that the abundance of good ideas available has been previously executed.

Stone Landscaping

Stone Landscaping

Obviously, there is one thing that people used to forget about every time it comes to the development of their landscaping, and it is really one of the great things to work with, is stone. By arranging the stone with the endless ideas out there, provides not only a new look for your but; it will give your yard a feeling freshness. There are so many different things you can do with stone; it’s interesting to know that more people do not use stone. The possibilities are endless, and stone is a better method to create each different courtyard.

To begin, you must understand that the stones are not only an ideal way to walk, but they create a good patio. Every time people use stones around their house, the main element is that they always use it for a walk. Sure it is ideal to use stone but, when it is overused it can become deadly. Time has come to propose an original idea.

Rather than just using it for a path, use it to establish the land of your patio. They are very flat stones that are perfect for use as flooring. This will provide your patio a very chic, yet feel very foreign outdoor kind of feel. Another plan you may want to consider about using the stones to create levels for your floors. What you do is to build a stone wall (not a big wall, but small). Behind the wall when you fill it with dirt. Then you place your flowers. Behind the flowers you open a wall, but this time you build a wall that is a little bigger. Then you fill out this dirt and you repeat as many times as you wish.

The idea for the finer stones, however, is to be applied when making a pond in your plot. It’s really simple to do, and just about anyone can run over this project in just one weekend. Not only that, but the stones around your yard will make your yard look incredible. If you add a small pond pump to create the keep water moving, mosquitoes will likely keep out of it. There is no end to the amount of things you can do with rocks in your backyard. The big news is that most of these projects can be accomplished in days, and stones (mostly) do not cost that much to work with.

Gardening and Landscaping

When a person who is interested in creating a lawn and a charming garden, then often spend a lot of time trying to imagine exactly how to get started in the landscaping process. Perhaps you are in this position at this point in time. Perhaps you’ve decided you want to improve and beautify your yard but you do not know exactly get started.

In this respect, if you’re like most people you do not have unlimited funds to invest in gardening and landscaping. Therefore, you cannot feel as if you are in a position to hire a professional consultant or expert garden landscaper. Anyway, you may feel somewhat adrift in what was a sea of mint bare dirt.

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening and Landscaping

A tried and true solution that you might want to seriously consider when it comes to gardening and landscaping is the use of the computer software used for landscape design. In fact, in the twenty-first century, an increasing number of men and women who are interested in creating charming gardens are confident in the software landscape design to enhance their efforts.

Most gardeners assume incorrectly that software designs typical of the landscape are beyond their reach for two reasons. First, these people assume that these programs are too costly. Secondly, these people concluded that a software landscape design will be complicated and difficult to use.

Granted, there are a number of software design high end of the landscape that are designed for professionals in the garden and landscape field. It is true that these types of programs may require a significant financial investment and is also accurate to note that some of these programs can be quite complicated in their operation. However, in recent years, a new generation of landscape design software is set up with the typical consumer in mind.

Consequently, there are now a number of diverse landscapes on software, reliable on the market today that are inexpensive and easy to use. These programs allow a person with only rudimentary computer skills to design very attractive and appealing landscaped schemes.

There are a number of different avenues through which a consumer can buy the software user-friendly design, the economic landscape. These include, the Internet is a natural resource for this software (which has become for so many items and services in the twenty-first century). Furthermore, increasing sources of garden shops and stores in the world of brick and mortar have the added – and – tested software tried to design the landscape to its action and inventories. In fact, many of these merchants offer classes and training in the use of landscape design software for their clients and employers.

Increase Curb Appeal With Flowering Shrubs and Bushes

You can give the outside of your home a new look with a beautiful home garden. A new or improved flower garden can add curb appeal, vibrant color, and feel of more space. If you choose a variety of flowering plants in your garden design you can have flowers almost all year long. As you read on you will learn about the many different shapes, sizes, and exotic fragrances of the flowers available to meet your home gardening needs.

The Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bush is the first of the plants we will look at. It attracts a variety of insects such as fritillaries, honey bees, and tortoiseshells with its red, purple, pink, and white blossoms. It gets its name however from the different species of butterflies it attracts. There are more than 100 varieties of and sub varieties of this plant family officially named “Buddleia”. The best use for these plants is to fill in gaps in your garden, balancing out the flow of your garden, or creating a hedge.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

This plant is a very hardy plant with wild growing limbs so special care and frequent pruning with be needed to keep it under control. Large soft colored flower clusters will spring from this plant similar to the lilac. The unique soft fragrance is sweet, and very pleasant to the senses. It is most noticeable when the weather is the warmest and is quite calming.

Another reason to consider this plant is its great adaptability. It can tolerate very alkaline soil, and air pollution. It is the least likely plant to have animal or insect infestations a great relief to the more timid gardener. It grows best in warm, sunny, well drained soil. A small amount of fertilizer may be used in the springtime, with high quality deep watering methods used for the drier summer months. Unlike other plants you can prune this plant as soon as it has finished blooming, which in turn may produce a second blooming cycle. The B. asiatica, B. alternifolia, B. globosa, and B. alternifolia, are the easiest varieties to grow.

Lilac Flowering Bushes

The lilac bush is a beautiful and very aromatic plant for your garden. The colors range from soft white all the way to purple and come in over a thousand species. This plant is well sought after and economical as it can live hundreds of years with proper care. This plant can be as small as four to as large as feet in height.

The blossoms last for a very short period of time during the spring. If you grow early, mid, and late season species the blooms will sprout through the spring and summer months. This will give the best overall look for your garden. This plant usually only yields one blooming cycle, but will remain green through the season. To ensure the life of your lilac bush prune it yearly. All of the inner and outer leaves of the plant must get sufficient sunlight and air for continued good health. Do not over prune your plant or its appearance will suffer greatly.

This hardy bush does often become home to annoying insects such as ants, aphids, and borers. If you use an organic insecticidal soap you can get rid of these insects without harmful chemicals. The most common problem for this plant is mildew. If you see mildew immediately use an organic fungicide and follow up with two more applications each one week apart. The worst problem you are likely to see is that of mice or moles. You will know they are present if you see they have been eating the bark. By setting a trap for them you won’t need ineffective and poisonous chemicals.


The royal flower of the home garden the azalea is available in over a thousand colors. Depending on which variety you purchase almost any color in the rainbow is available. The blossoms of the azaleas are as different in shape and size as they are in color. Enjoy looking at the different types before you choose.

The blooms can create any number of petals from five or six to as many as thirty. You should choose the one with petal and blossom sizes that fit your taste and garden design. Azaleas can be as small as one foot to as tall as four feet on average. If you want a special azalea you can find some that grow up to fifteen feet.

They can bloom from early spring to early fall, but the blooms are short lived. This is a high shade plant that thrives on mildly acidic soil. Good drainage is the single most important thing to remember when growing azaleas is they need good drainage and moist soil. When you plant the bush in the ground leave some of the root ball showing, usually about 3 inches. Then cover it with pine bark mulch, pine needles, or wood chips for protection. As you water the plant it will drain and leave the roots wet without too much water on top of the soil.

This is a small sampling of the many flowering shrubs you can use in and around your home to create that warm inviting curb appeal you are looking for.