Increase Your Homes Curb Appeal With Flowering Shrubs and Bushes:

You can give the outside of your home a new look with a beautiful home garden. A new or improved flower garden can add curb appeal, vibrant color, and feel of more space. If you choose a variety of flowering plants in your garden design you can have flowers almost all year long. As you read on you will learn about the many different shapes, sizes, and exotic fragrances of the flowers available to meet your home gardening needs. The butterfly bush is the first of the plants we will look at. It attracts a variety of insects such as ...

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Featured Articles Of The Week: Professional Landscaping And Garden Design Advice

The Demand for Great Landscapes in Leicester The Demand for Great Landscapes in Leicester

Over the last few years, the area of Leicestershire has shown a great rise in the need for quality landscaping and those investing in their properties. With the increasing costs involved with moving combined with the hassle and need for preparation, many have decided to instead invest in their own property. The Demand for Great Landscapes in Leicester Since... [Read more...]

Electric Patio Heaters 101 Electric Patio Heaters 101

Patio heaters are great, but for a family concerned about safety, it may be a little intimidating. Many parents aren’t so thrilled about having gas around their kids. For those parents, and others who would like alternate options to the traditional gas powered heaters, electric patio heaters may be what’s best for you. Electric heaters are a great... [Read more...]

Stone Designs for your Landscaping Stone Designs for your Landscaping

Owning a home makes you want the outside to look just as good as the inside. That is why you may notice that many people spend their weekends planting tons of plants attempting to create a yard that expresses who they are. However, the only problem is that the abundance of good ideas available has been previously executed. Stone Landscaping Obviously,... [Read more...]

Gardening and Landscaping Gardening and Landscaping

When a person who is interested in creating a lawn and a charming garden, then often spend a lot of time trying to imagine exactly how to get started in the landscaping process. Perhaps you are in this position at this point in time. Perhaps you’ve decided you want to improve and beautify your yard but you do not know exactly get started. In this... [Read more...]

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Gardening Using Perennials

A Portable Garden with Perennials A Portable Garden with Perennials

I currently rent my house and while I plan on buying at the end of this year, I cannot abstain to obtain new and interesting perennial plants at this time. After all, it’s clear out there and new plants have always been a part of my spring. But... 

Perennials in your Garden Perennials in your Garden

Do you have a perennial black thumb? Are you able to kill even the hardiest of perennials? Well, despair no more as this guide will give you all the information you need to grow even the most stubborn of bulbs into a beautiful and healthy flower garden. Perennials... 

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Regional Gardening Designs

Japanese Garden Design Japanese Garden Design

The Practical Use of Stones and Boulders Japanese garden design consists of many different elements and plant life. No matter what design or elements you chose for your Japanese garden you will always use one of three basic elements. These elements are... 

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